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MSA events are first and foremost about having a fun day out with friends, families and neighbors.

Maroubra Surfers Association ('MSA') is a surfboard riders club based at Maroubra Beach, established in 1964 to provide a community event for local groms and their families. We hold monthly surf competitions between April and October every year and survive from the generous donations from our partners (sponsors) and dedicated volunteer staff.

At MSA the competition can be fierce and standards high, though we have plenty of members who compete for the sheer fun of it and the Club is known for its chilled and inclusive culture.

MSA is run by a group of misguided youths who matured into marginally less misguided adults!

All are welcome to join and compete - we ensure all skill levels are included. If you're not as keen to shop off your inner kook, join us as a social member or volunteer on the day.

Comps are run in the following age groups:-

  • Micros (Girls and Boys) – up to and including 11 years old*

  • Cadets (Girls and Boys) – from 12 years up to and including 14 years old

  • Junior (Girls and Boys) – from 15 years up to and including 18 years old
  • Open Womens - (15+) **

  • Open Mens – (15+) **

  • Masters (40+) ***

  • Legends (50+) ***

We look forward to seeing you at MSA.

*(includes parent assisted push-in and unassisted categories)

​** Anyone 15+ years can compete in Open divisions, however, you can only compete in 1 chosen division (IE not Opens and Juniors).

*** Masters and Legends have separate point score divisions, however, mostly compete together.

MSA is a proud member and supporter of Maroubra United. Maroubra United was formed by the Presidents of the four boardriders clubs that call Maroubra their home break. Maroubra United brings together our top talent to compete at national club events. The Maroubra United team is one of the top  teams in the nation.

TEAM in Action
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